We will first inspect your home for fleas. He will determine the extent of the infestation by searching your pets, house, and other points of entry such as attics and crawl spaces.

Once we assesses the infestation or potential infestation areas, we will administer proper treatment to strategic locations. To make sure the adults are treated and don’t breed, any potential infestation sites, your whole home should be treated. We can also advise you on possible ways to help minimize risks so fleas don’t jump back into your life.

Flea infestations require a comprehensive plan that should include both chemical and physical treatments around your home. Going after the fleas you see isn’t enough to control the problem, you must also treat your carpets, furniture, and bedding. Keeping fleas away is not a one-time event — it’s a process.

Warm weather tends to bring everyone outside, including stinging pests. While the stings from wasps, bees, hornets, or yellow jackets may hurt, they can also cause more serious health issues like painful swelling, infections, nausea, and in rare cases even death. Not only do you need to worry about the stinging pests themselves, but also about locating and removing their breeding places.

In the warm months, stinging insects buzz around your home, often building nests inside attics and gutters, or under decks or eaves. It is important to find and seal cracks and crevices to keep these pests from migrating indoors.

We can provide a tick inspection on your home and yard. In addition to looking for current infestation problems, he can also check for ideal spots that may encourage ticks to hang out, like heavily wooded areas, tall grass, or even areas with high moisture.

The threat of West Nile and other mosquito-borne diseases can affect your family and pets. Unfortunately, your yard can be the perfect habitat and breeding ground for these buzz killers — ruining your outdoor activities like grilling, lounging, gardening, and playing.

n addition to bugging you, mosquitoes can be a risk to your health during the warmer months. We can treat potentially infested sites and other problem areas. Keeping them away is not a one-time event — it’s a process. Our mosquito control technicians work to deliver unique solutions — rooted in science — to help you take back your yard.

With award-winning training and advanced technology, We will look for conditions that invite mosquitoes, tackle current infestations, and stop the life cycle to help reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard. With more than 160 hours of training just in the first year, we know how to target his treatment on your property.