East Kentucky Terminating has been operating since 1977, serving home owners, realty companies, businesses, schools, hotels/motels, dormitories, and commercial properties. At East Kentucky Terminating, we focus on delivering effective pest solutions in a manner that is friendly to the environment. We care deeply about the safety of each of our valued customers. Each East Kentucky Terminating team member is fully trained and licensed to deploy professional pest control treatments. Whether your pest problem is ants, roaches, spiders or rodents, we have the solution. We have an old fashioned approach to the way we do business. We take pride in the fact that we are family owned and operated. This allows us to take a more personalized approach to how we provide service to our customers. When you choose East Kentucky Terminating for your pest control needs you will be sure to get a company that will go the extra mile.

These cousins of wasps live in colonies, many can inflict painful stings and/or bites, and carpenter ants can damage wooden structures. All Rite offers indoor and outdoor treatments to keep ants out of your life. Carpenter Ant Carpenter Ant Odorous House Ant Ant Life Cycle
Take a look at this lineup of unsavory characters: silverfish, stink bugs, grain beetles, cabinet beetles, and others . Ick! If you have seen any of these destructive, annoying, unpleasant critters in your home, call All Rite today. Ground Beetle Foreign Grain Beetle Dermestid Beetle Larva Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Silverfish Larger Cabinet Beetle Larva
Mice will eat anything you, your pets, or farm animals eat; they can contaminate your kitchen and cause food poisoning. They gnaw through bags & containers, build nests, and reproduce five to ten times a year. And they are stinky little creatures. For mice, rats and other rodent pests, if you even think you might
Smaller than grains of rice, leave itchy welts and a bad feeling that your home is infested. Now found even in upscale hotels and dormitories. Do-it-yourself treatments are unreliable. The way to protect your home is with All Rite.
One of the most common and creepy and just plain nasty pests, roaches reproduce quickly and prolifically, and can infest just about any location. All Rite gets them out of your kitchen, your pantry, or your business. American Cockroach Nymphs American Cockroach Brown-Banded Cockroach Brown Banded Female Cockroach Brown-Banded Eggs German Cockroach
Some people find these creatures the most fearsome of all pests, and along with just looking intimidating, spiders can inflict painful bites. Protect yourself, your family and your pets with All Rite. Black Widow Brown Recluse Cellar Spider Daring Jumping Spide

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Thanks so much for the excellent service! It’s obvious that you love what you do.

Maleah Holmes, Trinity Harvest Church